Website Enhancements

As you continue to click through the different links on take note of some of the new features.

  • The site is “Responsive”. This means that the site is following standards that will allow it to automatically adjust to your browser. Try it with your smartphone and/or tablet.
  • When you view the map to Christ Episcopal School, you are able to get directions via Google Maps or the mapping software on your smartphone.
  • Our new logo was designed by Ashley Jackson. Ashley & her husband Derrick are local ministers to SFA students with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. Feel free to take a minute and tell her thank you. She can be reached at xaashley at
  • You may wonder why I don’t use complete email addresses on this site. The answer is simple. Bots scour the Internet all the time looking for email addresses. All email addresses contain “@”. If there is no “@”, it must not be an email address.

Please take a minute to review the  ETX-Repeaters document and let me know if there are additional notes that I need to add regarding each repester listed.