Repeaters & Equipment

The following repeaters are maintained by NARC. For a list of repeaters surrounding Nacogdoches, click here.

Two new repeaters were installed in 2015. Read all about it here.

W5NAC-10 / W5NAC-7 RMS / KANode

Thanks to hard work by several people the W5NAC Winlink/RMS/KANode is up and running. The original implementation was setup/installed by KD5SHM, KD5FEE and KE5EXX. After a Hurricane hit the area, the room on top of the Fredonia Hotel flooded and we had to adapt and overcome. AE5P and KD5GEN are responsible for the latest integration, and KI5PYQ has been maintaining the equipment.

147.320 / 141.3 PL

The 147.32 repeater is a Yaesu DR-1X  and operates with a 141.3 tone. The duplexer is a TX-RX, and the antenna is a DB-224E. The antenna is at 269 Feet, and is located in southeastern Nacogdoches. It has a backup generator on site.

444.050 / 141.3 PL

The 444.050 repeater is a Yaesu DR-1X repeater station. It also operates with a 141.3 tone. The antenna is a DB-408B 300 feet above ground on the City of Nacogdoches tower. It is backed up by the propane generator on site.

146.840 / 141.3 PL

The 146.84 repeater is a Yaesu DR-2X. It uses a TX-RX duplexer. The antenna is a DB-224E located 300 feet above average ground.  It is backed up by the propane generator on site.

NARC Orange Box Radios

NARC has 3 ‘Orange Box Radios’ available for use by members. The primary use of these radios is intended to be Special Events and Disaster Response.

Each Orange Box Radio is identical, and consists of the following equipment and accessories:

  1. Icom IC-2720 VHF/UHF FM radio.
  2. Coastal Chipworks TNC-X terminal node controller.
  3. VHF ground plane antenna with tripod, telescoping mast and coax.

For more info on the Orange Box Radios view the following PDF’s:
OrangeBoxRadios.pdf                 OrangeBoxFrequencies.pdf

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