VE Testing 10/21/2020 IS A GO!

Thanks to Andy Delgado KE5EXX, VE exams will be held on 10/21/20 at the International Church of Nacogdoches, located at 1610 SW Stallings Dr. (Loop 224/Hwy 59). All participants are required to wear a face mask, their temperature will be tested, and all must sign a liability release form. Doors open at 6:30; tests begin promptly at 7:00.

Examinations for all classes of Amateur Radio licenses are available under the auspices of ARRL-VEC.

Applicants should bring at least two copies of identification, one of which should be a picture ID such as a current Driver’s License. New applicants must provide a Social Security Number. Applicants for license upgrade must provide their Federal Registration Number, which can be found on their current FCC license. Cost of examinations is $15. Please direct any questions concerning these testing sessions to AE5P.

Click here for directions to the testing session.